Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you have other hobby then play video games?
I love to draw manga/anime character, I started because of Sailor Moon. But I’m not draw that much anymore. I also love music, sing~ I use to have a cover channel before, where I use to cover japanese songs. It's still online.

Q: How old was you when you first play video games?
I’m not sure, but I believe I was around 4-5 years old.

Q: Why did you start a Gameplay gaming channel?
I always wanted to record my own gameplay, even without uploading them somewhere. It give me changes to see lots of cutscene, things I may have missed while I was playing.

Q: Why not doing Let’s Play/Commentary?
This is a question that been asked quite offen. On my channel will never have Commentary.  Because I rarely speak or talk while I play. I will have to force myself to say something.. which will bring no joys to me either. I also don’t have decent microphone.
Second, I like to keep the original sounds as how they are, it's like watching movie.
Third, I personaly dislike Let’s Play/Commentary, except by few Youtube Let's Player. Because it kind of killing the game, when the commentator keep screaming like a mad man, just annoying..
Forth... have already answer it on the previous Question.

Q: Are you a pro in any game?
I probable can become a pro, but… No, too much work. Im more a average gamer. I don’t need perfection. I play because I have fun and enjoy playin games.

Q: Are you a Fanboy/Fangirl?
No, every console is great in their own way.

Q: Are you hunting trophies/achievements on PS3/Xbox 360?
Nah.. too much work. As I mention before, I enjoy play games. Those thing is just making you feels like to achive something good and great. Not very importan to me, more importan is to enjoy the game.

Q: Are you rich? You have so many games..
 No. I’m far away from rich. Me and my husband just love to collect games, we buy when we have the money. Most of the games is bought cheap too. For some of the games, just wait few months/years. Since we don’t partys, we use that money for games instead. And they are 10+ years collections, if you want to have lot's of games, start save up money and buy it, instead of complain and do nothing.

Q: Where are you buying your games?
A: Amazon.co.uk/Amazon.de for EU games. Also from CDON.no and Komplett.no (norwegian page). All my japanese games is bought from Play-Asia.com or Ebay.com

Q: Why are all your videos length under 15:30 min, even you clearly can upload longer length videos?
 There is quite a few reason why I keep my videos at 15 min.
  1. Getting a copyright strike. Which I will not be able to upload my finish edited videos. (I mostly have up to 300-400 videos that I haven't uploaded on youtube)
  2. Or In case my channel got close down one day and need to make a new one, I will lose the 15 min+ upload length and I do not want to re-record and edit everything again.
  3. It gives viewer option to skip some parts without getting spoiled.
  4. Viewer don't have to wait for long loading, in case they have slow internet.
  5. Take me less time to edit and upload each video.
  6. I like it that way.
Q: Can I use your videos for FMV/GMV?
A: Feel free to use my videos as long as you not claim that they are your videos. But I will not put up any links for you to download it, you have to find your own way to download the videos you want to use.

Q: Are you going to buy XXXX game?
A: Depends if I like the game or not. I'm not buying something I don't like to play, just because other loves it doesn't mean I do. But that doesn't mean that I hate on a game I never played before. I still can change my mind one day, if the game does interested me later on.

Q: What do you think of XXXX game after trying the Demo/Beta, are you going to play/buy it?
A: Demo/Beta wasn't never a final decision for me to buy a game.  Mostly, it didn't change much even after Demo/Beta. Because I will only try it, if I already take interest in the game at some point. There are times where we don't need demo and reviews to decide if we want to buy a game, because we buy what we want to play, not what others want us to play.
And remember, Beta, Demo and Trial are 3 different things.
¤ Beta - Software/Video Game that is not out yet and the company has released so that you can test it and find bugs. (The final product may change after all the feedback they receive)
¤ Demo - Software/Video Game that lets you use some of the features not all, so that you can see if you like it but don't have access to everything it has to offer. (ex. Video game demo that has only the first level, but that game is basically in the final stage )
¤ Trial - Software/Video Game that has a time limit on how long you can use it so you can see if you like it and buy it if you do. (A fully finish product)