27 December 2011

So many hate already, even before playing the game?

I'm talking about Final Fantasy XIII-2;

And yes... It really looks that way, because so many people was dissapointed at FFXIII and keep sayin that FFVII is the best. Sorry, but I'm not a big fan from FFVII (and probably never will either), and every Final Fantasy is a different games; You like one, you may hate the others. That how lives is; you can't make everyone happy, so can't Square-Enix.

I do like all the Final Fantasy's, some more, some less. There is even some of them, that I never try to finish it. But one thing I do not understand; why are people hating on a game they haven't even play it themself, just watching someone's videos or live stream? Or why you hating a game, when you don't want to buy and play it anyway? You really have nothing better to do?

Fans from Lightning (FFXIII) is completely sunk deep under the deepest ocean, because she was only in the Prologe of FFXIII-2 and in some laters cutscenes. That they even put her in the prologe, when the new story is about Serah and Noel, ever think of that? Why no ones asking about Fang and Vanille either, when apperently her fanbase is almost as big as Lightning, or maybe even bigger?

I do not understand what is the problem to put Serah as the main character in FFXIII-2 instead of Lightning and the old cast. I think the other have done eoungh to save the world, how about letting someone else try it too. I mean, you not have the same president for the rest of you lives either, isn't that the same thing?

People complain, when things are always the same; People complain, when things change. Live changing too, you whole live change, why don't you complain about you own live? Video games is video games, either you love it or hate it. But why sit there and complain about something you dislike, instead of doing something you like?

I remember the time that FFX-2 release. So many hates on the game, and what? Now they sit and write about the game being good afterall? So, how about play FFXIII-2 first, before you judge. And last thing, no one force to to buy it, it's your own decision.

26 December 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2; Seaching for Lightning

I just finish Final Fantasy XIII-2 the first time yesterday (was streaming it live on JustinTV/TwitchTV), right after I finally manage to finish my FFXIII on PS3 for the first time. I do not know yet if I want to upload it on Youtube, since the copyright is so annoying lately; also, I just got a strike for one of my videos. Sucks right? I also didn't record my first playthrough, but you can watch them HERE for now..

 In Final Fantasy XIII-2. We playing as Serah Farron (セラ・ファロン, Sera Faron?), The main protagonist of the game. She is Lightning's younger sister, Snow's fiancée, and the only one out of her friends to know Lightning still exists. Gaining the ability to have visions of the future, Serah journeys with Noel to find and save her sister. Her weapon is a crossbow that can transform into a sword, though its true form is that of her Moogle companion Mog.

And the second character in the game is Noel Kreiss (ノエル・クライス, Noeru Kuraisu?), he is the main male protagonist of the game. Noel comes from 700 AF, where he was the last surviving human in a world that faced destruction. After a chance encounter with Lightning, he travels into the past to find her sister, Serah. He sets off with her to save Lightning in the ultimate hopes of changing the future. He uses two swords that are able to combine to form a spear in battle.

Lightning (ライトニング, Raitoningu?) was only playable in the Prologe. Lightning is no longer believed to be alive by others except Serah. In reality, she has become a knight, protecting the Goddess Etro in Valhalla while being confronted by Caius.

What I think about the game?

It's fun to play, the battle take less time then in FFXIII; which is good. Instead of having a full party member from story character, the 3rd party member is a monster you can farm, either by fighting them and get them as luck, or you can buy it from Chocolina(?). The monster systems was not truly something new to me; for everyone that have played Final Fantasy X-2 International+Last Mission (Japan only) will know what I'm talking about.
There are nine possible endings in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Since I only finish it one time so far, I only seen one of couse. From what I know, the other endings, you have to do something special to see them. And last, after obtaining all paradox endings and 160 Fragments, a secret ending, "A World Without a Goddess", plays after the end credits.

I have to say the last boss is quite a beast.. It took me lots of tries, possibly because I didn't really leveln up my characters... haha. But it was in the one side FUN.

There been quite few people asking why am I already Level 99 in the half way through the game..? Well, unlike in other FF or FFXIII, you leveln each Crystarium separate. Kind of like FFX...

Overral, I love it. Lightning come quite short in the story, when you thinking about all the poster is her face on it. But if you already have a heart for Serah, than you will love this game even more. I don't want to spoil you the pots here ;)

Information about release:

The North American collector's edition which will sell for $79.99 will be available in limited quantities at GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy, and includes:
  • Packaging featuring artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.
  • A 4-disc official soundtrack.
  • A collection of concept artwork containing "a variety of never-before-seen illustrations, environments and more".

Europe and Australia will get three different editions of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The Limited Collector’s Edition, with recommended retail price of £59,99/68€, will include the game; a composer selected soundtrack CD, an artbook, 6 postcards featuring CG artwork of main characters; and a high definition lenticular art print of Lightning. 

The Crystal Edition, with recommended retail price of £79,99/91€, includes all of the items above, although the composer selected soundtrack is replaced with the 4-disc Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack (this sound track will include all background music from the game, but not the theme song "New World".) Also included is a T-shirt from the that will not be available for purchase elsewhere. The Crystal Edition will be a strictly limited edition and will be packaged in a presentation box.

The Nordic Edition will include the game and four additional downloadable pieces of content; an alternate costume for both Serah and Noel; a unique weapon for Noel, with a special look and gameplay effects; and a recruitable monster battle: Omega, the famous Final Fantasy boss monster, and if the player wins they can recruit Omega to join the party. (Since I live in Norway, I may get the Nordic Edition :P)

Preorder extras for Europe and Australia have also been released, available for customers preordering from certain retail outlets. The preorder extras include:
  • An exclusive steelbook case, a downloadable content pack, the “Fight In Style” pack, which contains a new recruitable monster (Omega) and alternate costumes for both Serah and Noel, Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i-, a novella that fills the gaps between Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, and three lithograph artcards, available from Game.co.uk.
  • A code which allows one to obtain a unique downloadable weapon for Noel, with special look and gameplay effects, available from Amazon.co.uk. 

15 December 2011

Fight to restore of the legionnaires in "Dungoen Siege III"

Yesterday, I uploaded the first part of my new playthrough Dungeon Siege III.  DSIII is an action role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

The game returns to the Kingdom of Ehb, which already featured as the setting of the first two games. Roughly 150 years after the events of Dungeon Siege, the 10th Legion, who provided stability and protection for the kingdom for 400 years, has almost completely been wiped out. 30 years before the game's setting, Jeyne Kassynder rallied the people of eastern Ehb and the Azunite Church against the Legion who she blamed for the death of the king (her father). Following a long and brutal campaign, she managed to kill the entire remnant of the Legion in a battle in the Rukkenvahl Forest and the royalist army of young Queen Roslyn has been driven deep into the mines of Glitterdelve, losing almost all of their power.

A small group of legionnaires remained, lead by a man calling himself the Venerable Odo, a former Legion spy. He kept descendants of the Legion safe from Kassynder and, at the beginning of Dungeon Siege III, called them to meet in order to regroup the Legion. The player character arrives to find the meeting place attacked by mercenaries of Kassynder's. With the help of Marten Guiscard, another Legion descendant, the player tracks down Odo at a former Legion safehouse. After hearing what happened, the player sets out to find other survivors and information on the attacks. After fighting more of Jeyne's mercenaries, the player travels to Stonebridge City, to reopen the grand chapter-house there. On the way to Stonebridge, they help a group of royalist soldiers fighting Jeyne Kassynder.
I play on PC, and I think that the 3rd Dungeon Siege is make for console, unlike the previous DS games, since the control is so chaos sometimes LOL. Throught I never played much on in the old DS before, I think this game is very enjoyable. The story is interesting, but most of the times, you can already guess what will happen next. The story dialoge change depents on which character you play.

I try to do all the sidequest that I could find. So I hope you will enjoy this playthrough. In this playthrough, I play as Katarina. She is the illegitimate daughter of Hugh Montbarron and a Lescanzi witch. She fights with a long-range rifle or a pair of shotguns at close range.

12 December 2011

Finally new videos from Pandora's Tower

Its been very long since I play Pandora's Tower. The last time I touch the game was back in Juni 2011. I have already finished chapter 8, but have to stop the recording due to PC problems and couldn't record Wii gameplays for quite sometimes. Now I can try to finish the game before the english release (if there is one..). I actualy have record and edited until part 44 before I have to stop, but I only upload 22 part back than... no idea why.. But its finally moving forward! I hope someone still interested in Pandora's Tower ^^

I uploaded part 23 and 24 today. I will upload more either later tonight or tomorrow, right now I need to finish some buissness and than need some sleep too ^^;

04 December 2011

Treasure hunter save Humanity in “Haunted: The Demon’s Forge”

A new project again on my channel, even through I have so many unfinish project right now ;) This time is Haunted: The Demon’s Forge developed by inXile Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, is a third-person action video game set in a dark fantasy world.

I’m playing the PC version, which is a little bit easyer to aim for me. The game story follow two mercenaries in battle, E’lara and Caddoc, go searching for a mysterious artifact about which Caddoc had a vision, but events grow out of hand and the companions become wrapped up in a chain of events involving demons, the orclike Wargar, and a suspicious death spirit named Seraphine. I don’t want to spoil too much about the story, so either watch my playthrough, or do some extra research :P

Here is the Prologue, Enjoy!

02 December 2011

Serial Morder strike again in "Still Life 2"

I finish record this long time ago. Now it's time to upload this interesting game. Still Life 2 is a 2009 computer adventure game by Microïds. It is a sequel to the 2005 game Still Life (Which I also have gameplay videos on my channel), and follows on from the characters and themes of 2003's Post Mortem.

The game follows FBI Agent Victoria McPherson in tracking down and stopping a serial killer. Gameplay has moved with the killer, known as the East Coast Killer, to Maine. The game uses the same storytelling device of switching back and forth between two player characters as its predecessor. The second character is one of the killer's victims, journalist Paloma Hernandez, who has been covering the East Coast Killer's crimes, making the game switch between investigation and survival.

Here is Part 1 of the serie, enjoy! Visit my channel for the rest of the videos :-)

01 December 2011

1st December and we soon have Christmas again!?

This year goes so fast for me. It's like I just went sleep and the year is almost over again XD So many things happen during this year, mostly good offcourse.

9 more day and my Youtube channel is 1 years old ^^ It's actualy my second gaming channel, I lost my first one on purpose LOL By uploading copyrighted stuff :P It wasn't that many subber, it almost reach 1000. But I don't think that I wanted to do the same thing again. I'm quite happy with my current channel, even without begin in a Parter program.

I still have so many videos to upload... And I wanted to finish record Final Fantasy XIII before the next game release. Which I doubt that I will accomplish what I planned -_- Currently I trying to edit Dynasty Warriors 7 Event Cutscene, which I recorded months ago. Through there is still some new costumes I wanted to record too :D

And I make some mistake while I render Dungeon Siege III videos... I acidently deleted few videos and could not restore them anymore. It wasn't much that was gone, so you didn't really missed much. But it still bother me and kind of piss me off too. Since its not the first time that this happen to me XD Can't change it anymore, so we have to live with it :P