22 March 2012

3 unboxing videos on the same day!

Well, 2 of them are actualy old unbox videos :D I was just too lazy to edit them, but it would be stupid if I upload the newes one before I upload the old videos. So, I decide to upload all 3 today, because I rarely go online on my second account.

The first video I uploaded is Batman Arkham City. The game release quite sometime ago, but I didn't have money to buy it until last month. I could ofcouse bought the regular version, but I really want that Batman figur! *_* There was no way to go around it if I wanted the figur XD

I already finish it one time, it was a blind play with lots of fail moment, but I have lot of fun with it. I have never finish the first Batman, but I does played it a little bit. Can't really tell you guys if it's really much better than the first one, because I never finish it. This game is very cool, specially, I can finally play as Catwomen! Woot! XD

From what I have played from the first Batman, and after finish Batman Arkham City. I think the game was very good. It's actualy remind me to Assassin Creed o_o

The second unboxing video that I uploaded today is... Catherine! This time is the US version. I actualy waited and wanted to see how the UK/EU version will be. If the EU version was only the game, I wouldn't bought it. But even after I saw it, I still decide to get the Love is Over edition from US instead. The Pillow cases was the reason for me to buy! XD

As you may know, I already own the japanese version. I too busy with other games I'm currently playing, but I do plan to upload a playthrough one day :D

The last unbox today was a brand new game I got today in my mailbox. I still need to play the first RoAW, since I original bought that game for my husband, I never really played it myself ^^; Don't know what to write about this before I play it.. XD

I'm currently playing mainly Atelier Meruru japanese version, and sometime The Last Story when I feels like I need to play something else. I also want to start playing Mass Effect, but that game going to take lots of times to play, I wonder when I should try to start with it.. o_o

Ah well, see you guys on my next spam blog! XD

21 March 2012

Blades of Time - Japanese Demo playtest

I haven't bought the game yet and the japanese PSN have a demo for it, so why not try it out? ;)

I never really played X Blades before, because I tryed the demo on XBLM and didn't liked the game. But I decide to give a try to Blades of Time before buying this game blindly. The trailer looks very cool, and it's feel kinda different than X Blades. I died few times and acidently fall of somewhere or run in explosive bomb, but that is normal by first time play XD In short, lots of FAIL LOL. It was fun though, but I haven't decide yet if I'm going to spend my money on it. I have to carefully chose what games I'm going to buy. After all, I'm not lottory winner, haha :D

18 March 2012

March Update

Helli hello!

I have write anything for almost a month. That's because I didn't know what to write, since all the small update are always on my Facebook instead of getting a super long blog post, lol. I got quite few games in the last 2 months and been trying to play some of them right now. But since I can be damn slow sometimes, because I just suddenly stop playing for a moment and watch TV instead, sometimes ends up watchting TV for lots of hours and then forgot to play further ;) Through there are more games I want, money are always very limited.

Currently I'm playing Atelier Meruru, japanese version, and The Last Story, PAL version. Love both game so far, and been trying hard to focus on playing them XD Even though I would love to finish Tales of Graces F... I just don't feel like playing the game right now. And every other channel are uploading the english US version, I still kinda hope that they will annonce the EU release.

Around a month ago, maybe less. I actualy finish Batman: Arkham City! I played the first game a bit, but since I personally not so much into sneaking around and punch bad guys from behind XD I sucked on that game and stop play it after awhile. Arkham City was very cool, I feel it was a bit easyer to play than the first Batman game. Both games are great, I just need to pull myself togther one day and finish it.

Lately there been so many games I want release on the marked, that's really hurts my walled << Why do games always need to come at the same months, and than some of the months are no good games at all..? There may be some good game out there, but they wasn't games I want to play. Ah well, that how lives are, right?

And my cats broke my favorite Keyboard T_T I need a new keyboard, but I don't have money to buy a new one... << Have to use something eles until I get the one I like again...

I posted a short message on facebook about these "press dislike on your videos for no reason". I think, I have talk about this before, it doesn't really "piss" me off, because what count for me a the views, but it's does get annoying sometimes. I mean, how can you dislike a video, before you have seen it? How do I know? because that video I'm talking about here, was just online for less than a minute. I still think that youtube should completely remove the Dislike button, I does miss the star vote, they was a lot better... The dislike button are make for trolls, hater, people that jealous of you; but too scare yo even tell you why(?). For me, it's just very low.

I'm feeling kinda sleepy and don't really know what more I can write right now. There are probably more things I want to talk about, but my head just hate to work when I'm sleepy ;)