17 February 2012

Playthrough: The Blackwell Legacy

Hello everyone!

I have started a new playthough again. This time is The Blackwell Legacy, relese back in 2006.  The game is about Rosangela Blackwell (Rosa), who is a young freelance writer living a solitary life in New York City and a ghost named Joey Mallone making an appearance in her apartement. Joey explains that she is a "medium" like her aunt and that her job is to help ghosts that are stuck in the real world "move on".

The game have a very interesting story (atleast it interested me). But 2,5 hours is kinda short ^^; But I think there is lots of point & klick adventure that is kind of too short too. I will upload all the parts today. Hope you guys have fun watching ^^

06 February 2012

Playtest: Binary Domain (Demo)

I usualy rarely play third person shooter. But when I saw this game on japanese PSN and remember seening picture of this game somewhere before, I decide to try it out. It was a demo and free anyway XD

It was make by the same developer as Yakuza, the newly formed Ryu ga Gotoku Studio. Since I really love Yakuza, specially the awesome Kiryu, I should give a try to this new free demo, lol.

To the demo, I was annoyed by the control at first XD But that's because I'm not use to these kind of control at all (Third Person Shooter). After the first try, and replay the demo again, it runs alot more smooth :D
I love the idea of talking to your partner, and that you are not alone in the battlefield (which will be extremely unrealistic..). But the most annoying part, or maybe even funny to look at, is... how dumb the AI are LOL They just run at the same place, or in circle.. get slap by Bosses XD Ohhhh... god, I didn't even know if I should get mad or laught hard about it, lol.

Here is the first part of the demo, there is training, and 2 maps. Both with (mini?)boss fight in the end. While the first map you have to beat it to finish, the second map only show a short battle with the boss.

04 February 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition, EU version

Hello again to everybody that read my blog ^^

As you may notice, Final Fantasy XIII-2 finally release in english. Of couse I have bought the game too, as a die hard FF fan LOL. I have already talk and write a little bit about the game in one of my older post. Since I have already finish the japanese version, I'm not that extremly hyper to play the english version yet. More reason to not make any videos for the english release is... that almost everyone in my subbox is playing the game and making videos. I doubt that there will be anyone even interest to watch mine. I will still upload them one day, to complete my playlist, but not soon.
Here is the video of me unbox the Crystal Edition ^-^