08 September 2012

Unboxing - 神次元ゲイム ネプテューヌV Kami Jigen Game Neptune V [Limited Edition]

While almost everyone I know already got their copy, I just got mine today (Late as usual..) Actually, I could have pick it up at post office the day before (yesterday). But I need to scratch some money together to pick it up, because it cost me 60 USD extra (for very expensive tax!) XD

I don't know when I'm going to play it, but I can always upload the unbox + extra stuff  first, lol.

Pre-order bonus:
-God Dimension Game Neptune V visual book
Limited edition bonus:
-Neptune Nep-figure
Neptune and Pururuto figure
-Booklet CD (2 disc set)
1. Original soundtrack CD
2. "Moshi megami ga yome dattara ** shichau kamo shiranai." CD

Here is some picture of the Neptune and Pururuto figure. They're so CUTE!!! *_*


Neptune and Pururuto together.

Neptune and Pururuto

Neptune and Pururuto & Purple Heart and Nepgear from MK2 limited Edition.

Neptune and Pururuto & Purple Heart and Nepgear from MK2 limited Edition

Song list from the Original soundtrack CD inside the Limited Edition:
  1. Between Earth And Sky
  2. Acrylic
  3. YELLOW HEART's Theme
  4. ROM RAM's Theme ver.V
  5. LOWEE's Theme ver.V
  6. PISH's Theme
  7. UNI's Theme ver.V
  8. Elegy
  9. LASTATION's Theme ver.V
  10. NOIRE's Theme
  11. The World Of Imagination
  12. NEPGEAR's Theme ver.V
  13. ATRANGER's Theme
  14. IZAWA Of Recalled Manager ~part 1~
  15. IZAWA Of Recalled Manager ~part 2~
  16. La Dele Dele
"Moshi megami ga yome dattara ** shichau kamo shiranai." CD
Since I guess not everybody have bought the Limited Edition, I though I could share with you here what is on the CD ^-^

17 July 2012

People are hating on Japan because they dislike J-RPG..?

I haven't wrote anything on blog for quite sometime, because I was very busy with my life outside the internet/web. I originally wanted to write this in a short post on my facebook, but decided it would be better to write here, because I can write as much I want.

Today, Gamespot uploaded a few videos from a new release game Atelier Ayesha (in Japan & Asia region). I don't know if I should be happy or disappointed that GameSpot upload videos from Atelier Ayesha on Youtube... Because there are so many D**k head trolls talking shit about a game they never played, or just dislike JRPG, complaining that it's too pussy and tranny. Or even starting to troll other user with their nonsense comments.

There was one person (I check on this user page and seem he to be a guy.) even wrote "THE TSUNAMI AND EARTHQUAKE SHOULD HAVE WIPED THEM OUT"... by that, this person mean Japan. I wonder if he came out the wrong hole from his mum and brain is working completely wrong, apparently this person is 30+ !? I wonder if this person even ashamed of himself to say these kind of things, wishing thousand of innocents people and loving family to died just because he dislike japan? I don't like to say this.. but this guy parents must be heartbroken to know, that their kids turns out to be a fucking racist asshole on the inter-web.

This was his original post, before he remove it "Nobody gives a fuck about the japanese characters, hell take those shits out of the game. THIS IS AMERICA! PS3 IS AMERICA! SONY IS AMERICA! FUCK JAPANESE SHIT NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THEM. THE TSUNAMI AND EARTHQUAKE SHOULD HAVE WIPED THEM OUT. and dont tell me to shut up, i have my 1st amendment"

I laugh so hard when I read "PS3 IS AMERICA! SONY IS AMERICA!" This is most idiotic comment I read this month, lol. He really need to go back and learn how search for correct information. Because Sony is a real Japanese Console, just like Nintendo. If he want to talk about american console, please go and play the Xbox/Xbox 360.

There was also quite a lot of comment that talking about disliking Japanese RPG for what ever personal reason. But still watch a japanese game trailer, make very much sense?

Some even start with console fanboy, which is getting old these days. Most people have more than just one console, and all of them have good and bad things. Just because you can't afford it and dislike it, doesn't mean it's bad.

Some arguing with "This game is a rip-off!" I actually wonder which game isn't in a some way of what so call "rip-off" today? All the games are kinda the same, originality is running out long time ago. We are all copying each other in some way, accept it :)

15 June 2012

Finally Finish MagnaCarta II

Oh.. Hi all!

It's been one month that I haven't post anything here. I just keep doing small update here and there, pimp up my blog a little XD

I haven't been much active lately, specially when I don't know what I really want to play. I'm sitting here waiting for my copy of Lollipop Chainsaw, while everyone else I know that wanting that game too, been playing and finish it before I even get it in my hands ;_;

Recently, I just finish MagnaCarta II on Xbox 360! I have that game since release, but never have the chance to finish it. I didn't even remember what was the reason that I stoped to play it... But now,  I really like the game!

You kinda can guess what happen in the story after awhile, but it still fun and interessting. Only things that have been bother me, was that every battle can take very long, even random battle. The battle systems itself is very enjoyable, it have a mix of real time and ATB(?) moments. It's not really a real ATB, since you doesn't wait for a bar to fill up before you can attack. You press attack button and the vitality bar will fill up, and you have to wait until it cold down again. Or you can go full out and get into overheat state, doing more damage but get stun after your combo finish, unless you going to do chain combo with one of the party member, which and break the overheat state and doing massive damage on a enemy. Running out blindly and not planning how to use your combo can ends up very bad ;)

Some info about the game:
MagnaCarta II (마그나카르타 2 Mageunakareuta 2, マグナカルタ2 Magunakaruta 2) is a video game developed by South Korean developer Softmax and published by Banpresto exclusively for Xbox 360. It is a follow-up to the role-playing video games Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche released on Windows and Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata released on the PlayStation 2. It was released in Japan on August 6, 2009 and in North America on October 13, 2009. This marks the series' first entry onto a seventh generation console. The game was officially unveiled in the April 2009 edition of Famitsu magazine.

Music in MagnaCarta II are very quiet. Mostly, you will not even notice it's there. But there are some here and there good tracks to listen too.

My personal favorite character in this game would be Zephie. Her strong will and heart remind me a lot to Yuna from Final Fantasy X. I also love the character design, mostly the drawing. The 3D model does looks very good, but they looks mostly like a doll. Not really bother me, but maybe for others.

When character talk in story dialogue, one stand at the left side of the screen, and the other stand at the right side. This kinda remind me to Visual Novel. I do wish that I can try this game with either original Korea VA or Japanese VA, but I have to say, the English VA is actually quite good. Their voice fits very good to the character, specially if you never heard the other VAs before.

In the end, I really like it. The last battle wasn't as hard as I expected :D But some other battle was bring me to think "what did I do wrong here!?", lol.

15 May 2012

I was super excited after I got a change to try the Beta from Diablo 3 myself. I always have loved Diablo and since the first time I heard of Blizzard announce D3, I was very happy that they didn't forgot this game. Though out the years, there have been many delay and unknown release date. But the wait for Diablo fan have ended on the night of 15 May ^_^

I bought the game 2 times, one was a Standard Edition and the other is the Collector's Edition. My husband and me are plan to play this together :) 

In the first video, is the Standard Edition in EU. I love that Blizzard always make their game box look nice, the same they did for World of Warcraft+ Expansion. It come with the game (of course. lol), 2 guest pass for D3 and 1 guest pass for WoW.

The second video here is the Collector's Edition. This box is just beautiful, just like the other Collector's Edition that Blizzard make :D

Inside Collector's Edition:

Diablo Skull and 4GB USB Soulstone
Shackle your PC into unholy slavery with this 4GB USB soulstone and Diablo skull base. The USB also includes full versions of Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction so you can retrace the sinister path of the Dark Wanderer once more. 
Diablo III Soundtrack
Experience twenty four original pieces from the Diablo III soundtrack on CD and deepen your music collection with a sound as timeless as the Eternal Conflict itself.
The Art of Diablo IIIDelve into the game’s stunning artistic development with this 208-page art book, which catalogues countless pieces, from early concepts to final 3D renderings.
Behind the Scenes Blu-Ray/DVD SetMeet the teams behind the creation of Diablo III with this exclusive Blu-ray/DVD two-disc set. Enjoy over an hour of interviews detailing how the world of Sanctuary came together from the combined efforts of artists, writers, programmers, designers, musicians and animators.
Diablo III PC/Mac GameThe full version of the Diablo III game on DVD-ROM.

Exclusive In-Game ContentDiablo III - Aesthetic ArtifactsCall forth glowing angel wings, unfurl an exclusive banner, and dye your armor sets with the Bottled Cloud or Bottled Smoke items.
World of Warcraft - Fetish Shaman PetJourney throughout the World of Warcraft with the fetish shaman at your side.
StarCraft II - Battle.net PortraitsDisplay your status as a hero of the mortal realms with an exclusive army decal and three Diablo-themed Battle.net portraits.

And last, the opening/Intro from D3. Looks awesome! :D

If you want to buy this game, make sure you have internet access all the time. You will need it to play this game, even in single-player. For people that already have WoW or Starcraft, should already know what they need to do :P

20 April 2012

Writing a blog posts calm me down...

I'm getting piss very easy lately, but than again, I don't really wonder why it was like that. It's been over a year and 5 months since I open a new Gaming channel (after my old one got copyrighted and remove). My Youtube channel have grow bigger everyday, more people like me. At the same time, more people dislike or even hate me. Because I am what I am.

I do not like to just sit back and read what people write to me without write back. Either the bad things, or asking question that have already been answered 1000 of times (I answer it, sometime). Before, I try to be friendly as far as I can, but at some point, I just want to say "f**k you, leave me and my channel alone". After all, it is my channel, I have the right to defends myself/videos/description/channel. I never go to other people videos or channel to write bad things about them either.

And it shows me again, how A-sshole some people can be on Youtube. I recently uploaded a videos. Well, more like imported, because if was original on TwitchTV as live recorded video. I want to make my viewer have it easier going through the video, because there been so many pause between almost every battle. Also for people that didn't got a chance to join the stream or didn't even know about the stream.
Guess what? It attract haters and trolls of course.

Extra wrote every importan info that I can remember, just so that people know why the video wasn't edit. People watching my videos, expect me to be nice to everybody. Hello!? Am I a saint? I don't think so.
I also love that some people put there nose into other peoples problem. I was arguing with someone (everythings are fine again now), and this other random user have to jump in? Was that his/her problem.

"Though I do find it funny how people love to take offense to people who do not concern themselves with trivial matters considering your gender does 'not' matter over the internet. I do find it amusing how a person(like you) who can barely (Grammar Nazi incoming) speak proper English to convey their own feelings("English isn't my first language excuse incoming") is making conclusions on the human mind's complexity when they aren't even intelligent enough to grasp simple elementary concepts."

Really? Gender does "not" matter on the internet? How come almost every f**king page ask me what gender I am, when I want to register? Ohh.. and it very amusing how half of the world can barely speak/write proper english, you dumb F**k. Did you know that when you're trying to convey your feelings, any language are possible? This person being racist, it's not even funny anymore. And This comment have nothing to do with the video, I'm happily welcome this A-hole on my Blocked User list.

My own opinion of course, but I have to say, I hate these kind of people. Come on my channel, offence me, and expect me to sit back and enjoy it? What world are you live in? Mars?

Sometime, (Actually all the time) I feel that people want to see me being "perfect". But there is no perfection in this world, and I'm far away from being perfect.

Either love or hate, nothing are really between there.

After writing this, it makes me feel a bit better again. Sorry if I'm sound so mad here. But keeping everything to myself, would just make me unhappy. I don't want these trolls and haters get to me, but it is easy to say and hard to do. Specially when you need to dealing with these people almost every day.

22 March 2012

3 unboxing videos on the same day!

Well, 2 of them are actualy old unbox videos :D I was just too lazy to edit them, but it would be stupid if I upload the newes one before I upload the old videos. So, I decide to upload all 3 today, because I rarely go online on my second account.

The first video I uploaded is Batman Arkham City. The game release quite sometime ago, but I didn't have money to buy it until last month. I could ofcouse bought the regular version, but I really want that Batman figur! *_* There was no way to go around it if I wanted the figur XD

I already finish it one time, it was a blind play with lots of fail moment, but I have lot of fun with it. I have never finish the first Batman, but I does played it a little bit. Can't really tell you guys if it's really much better than the first one, because I never finish it. This game is very cool, specially, I can finally play as Catwomen! Woot! XD

From what I have played from the first Batman, and after finish Batman Arkham City. I think the game was very good. It's actualy remind me to Assassin Creed o_o

The second unboxing video that I uploaded today is... Catherine! This time is the US version. I actualy waited and wanted to see how the UK/EU version will be. If the EU version was only the game, I wouldn't bought it. But even after I saw it, I still decide to get the Love is Over edition from US instead. The Pillow cases was the reason for me to buy! XD

As you may know, I already own the japanese version. I too busy with other games I'm currently playing, but I do plan to upload a playthrough one day :D

The last unbox today was a brand new game I got today in my mailbox. I still need to play the first RoAW, since I original bought that game for my husband, I never really played it myself ^^; Don't know what to write about this before I play it.. XD

I'm currently playing mainly Atelier Meruru japanese version, and sometime The Last Story when I feels like I need to play something else. I also want to start playing Mass Effect, but that game going to take lots of times to play, I wonder when I should try to start with it.. o_o

Ah well, see you guys on my next spam blog! XD

21 March 2012

Blades of Time - Japanese Demo playtest

I haven't bought the game yet and the japanese PSN have a demo for it, so why not try it out? ;)

I never really played X Blades before, because I tryed the demo on XBLM and didn't liked the game. But I decide to give a try to Blades of Time before buying this game blindly. The trailer looks very cool, and it's feel kinda different than X Blades. I died few times and acidently fall of somewhere or run in explosive bomb, but that is normal by first time play XD In short, lots of FAIL LOL. It was fun though, but I haven't decide yet if I'm going to spend my money on it. I have to carefully chose what games I'm going to buy. After all, I'm not lottory winner, haha :D

18 March 2012

March Update

Helli hello!

I have write anything for almost a month. That's because I didn't know what to write, since all the small update are always on my Facebook instead of getting a super long blog post, lol. I got quite few games in the last 2 months and been trying to play some of them right now. But since I can be damn slow sometimes, because I just suddenly stop playing for a moment and watch TV instead, sometimes ends up watchting TV for lots of hours and then forgot to play further ;) Through there are more games I want, money are always very limited.

Currently I'm playing Atelier Meruru, japanese version, and The Last Story, PAL version. Love both game so far, and been trying hard to focus on playing them XD Even though I would love to finish Tales of Graces F... I just don't feel like playing the game right now. And every other channel are uploading the english US version, I still kinda hope that they will annonce the EU release.

Around a month ago, maybe less. I actualy finish Batman: Arkham City! I played the first game a bit, but since I personally not so much into sneaking around and punch bad guys from behind XD I sucked on that game and stop play it after awhile. Arkham City was very cool, I feel it was a bit easyer to play than the first Batman game. Both games are great, I just need to pull myself togther one day and finish it.

Lately there been so many games I want release on the marked, that's really hurts my walled << Why do games always need to come at the same months, and than some of the months are no good games at all..? There may be some good game out there, but they wasn't games I want to play. Ah well, that how lives are, right?

And my cats broke my favorite Keyboard T_T I need a new keyboard, but I don't have money to buy a new one... << Have to use something eles until I get the one I like again...

I posted a short message on facebook about these "press dislike on your videos for no reason". I think, I have talk about this before, it doesn't really "piss" me off, because what count for me a the views, but it's does get annoying sometimes. I mean, how can you dislike a video, before you have seen it? How do I know? because that video I'm talking about here, was just online for less than a minute. I still think that youtube should completely remove the Dislike button, I does miss the star vote, they was a lot better... The dislike button are make for trolls, hater, people that jealous of you; but too scare yo even tell you why(?). For me, it's just very low.

I'm feeling kinda sleepy and don't really know what more I can write right now. There are probably more things I want to talk about, but my head just hate to work when I'm sleepy ;)

17 February 2012

Playthrough: The Blackwell Legacy

Hello everyone!

I have started a new playthough again. This time is The Blackwell Legacy, relese back in 2006.  The game is about Rosangela Blackwell (Rosa), who is a young freelance writer living a solitary life in New York City and a ghost named Joey Mallone making an appearance in her apartement. Joey explains that she is a "medium" like her aunt and that her job is to help ghosts that are stuck in the real world "move on".

The game have a very interesting story (atleast it interested me). But 2,5 hours is kinda short ^^; But I think there is lots of point & klick adventure that is kind of too short too. I will upload all the parts today. Hope you guys have fun watching ^^

06 February 2012

Playtest: Binary Domain (Demo)

I usualy rarely play third person shooter. But when I saw this game on japanese PSN and remember seening picture of this game somewhere before, I decide to try it out. It was a demo and free anyway XD

It was make by the same developer as Yakuza, the newly formed Ryu ga Gotoku Studio. Since I really love Yakuza, specially the awesome Kiryu, I should give a try to this new free demo, lol.

To the demo, I was annoyed by the control at first XD But that's because I'm not use to these kind of control at all (Third Person Shooter). After the first try, and replay the demo again, it runs alot more smooth :D
I love the idea of talking to your partner, and that you are not alone in the battlefield (which will be extremely unrealistic..). But the most annoying part, or maybe even funny to look at, is... how dumb the AI are LOL They just run at the same place, or in circle.. get slap by Bosses XD Ohhhh... god, I didn't even know if I should get mad or laught hard about it, lol.

Here is the first part of the demo, there is training, and 2 maps. Both with (mini?)boss fight in the end. While the first map you have to beat it to finish, the second map only show a short battle with the boss.

04 February 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition, EU version

Hello again to everybody that read my blog ^^

As you may notice, Final Fantasy XIII-2 finally release in english. Of couse I have bought the game too, as a die hard FF fan LOL. I have already talk and write a little bit about the game in one of my older post. Since I have already finish the japanese version, I'm not that extremly hyper to play the english version yet. More reason to not make any videos for the english release is... that almost everyone in my subbox is playing the game and making videos. I doubt that there will be anyone even interest to watch mine. I will still upload them one day, to complete my playlist, but not soon.
Here is the video of me unbox the Crystal Edition ^-^

18 January 2012

January Update

Hihi, to people that actualy read my blog.

I haven't write anything for few weeks, even through I been busy with recording. So I though, this mind be a good time to write something? I finished quite a few Point & Klick Adventure games since my last blog. As you guys know, back in december, I was streaming FFXIII-2. Now I have finish the games from start til last boss fight second time, this time I recording almost everything I did. They will be uploaded on Youtube and Dailymotion of couse.

While I was render some videos, I also played some Point & Klick games as I mention before. I have finish playin/record; Art of Murder 2: The Hunt for the Puppeteer, Art of Murder 3 Cards of Destiny, The Book of Unwritten Tales, and lately Grey Matter. Right now, I'm currenlty replaying Grey Matter in German, since the original voice over is german, and I have no problem understand german; and it also help me reflash my german at the same time, since I moved away from germany.

I will write more detail about the games I have played as soon as I have start to upload them :)

Lately, I only update small thing on my Facebook. Since I'm not writing a super long text right I'm doing right now, it's no point to write a post for two sentences, right? XD I'm so sleepy right now... I haven't been manage to sleep normally lately, either I keep waking up the whole night, or I doesn't sleep at all. I hope it will gets better soon.

I try to write something more interesting next time, now I'm too sleepy to even think... x_x